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John & Mercy (Prence) Freeman


7808.  Maj. John Freeman, son of [15616] Edmond and Bennet (Hodsoll) Freeman, was born 1622 in England, and died 28 October 1719 in Eastham (Barnstable) Massachusetts.  He married 13 February 1649/50 in Eastham,

7809.  Mercy Prence, who was born about 1631 and died 28 September 1711 in Eastham, daughter of [15618] Thomas and Patience (Brewster) Prence.

John – immigrant from England.  Settlers of Eastham, Massachusetts.

John came to America with his parents in 1635, when he was about 8 years old, on the Ship Abigail, and grew up in Sandwich.  He became a large property owner, and served his community in many roles:  church deacon, major of militia – he served in the Indian Wars, member of the Bench of the Court of Common Pleas, deputy of the Colony Court, first selectman, and Assistant to the Governor (like his father) from 1657 to 1692.  John is buried with Mercy in the Cove Burying Ground in Eastham.  According to Josiah Paine:

There were but few men in the colony, of his day, that bore a better reputation than Major Freeman.  He was upright and impartial in all his acts while a public servant, and correct in his religious walks through life.

John & Mercy were the parents of eleven children:

i.  JOHN FREEMAN, born 2 February 1649/50 in Eastham, died before 1651.

ii.  JOHN FREEMAN, born December 1651 in Eastham, died 27 July 1721 in Harwich (Barnstable) Massachusetts.  He married 18 December 1673, Sarah Merrick, who was born 1 August 1654 in Eastham and died there 21 April 1696, daughter of William and Rebecca (Tracy) Merrick.

iii.  DEA. THOMAS FREEMAN, born September 1653 in Eastham, died 9 February 1715/16 in Harwich.  He married 31 December 1673 in Eastham, Rebecca Sparrow, born about 1655, died February 1739/40, daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca (Bangs) Sparrow.  Thomas & Rebecca were the parents of ten children:  (a) Mercy Freeman, married Silas Sears, eleven children, Deborah, Ebenezer, Edmund, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mercy, Paul, Rebecca, Ann, Joshua and Daniel;  (b) Thomas Freeman, married first, Bathsheba Mayo, married second, Mary Smith;  (c) Jonathan Freeman, married Mary/Mercy Bradford, four children, Mary/Mercy, Bradford, Ichabod and Jonathan;  (d) Edmund Freeman, married Phebe Watson, four children, Watson, Joshua, Hannah and Edmond;  (e) Joseph Freeman, married first, Lydia Thacher, six children, Thacher, Elizabeth, Joseph, Lydia, Thomas and Rebecca, married second, Mary (Watson) Freeman;  (f) Joshua Freeman(g) Hannah Freeman(h) Prence Freeman, married Mary Doane, nine children, Nathaniel, Priscilla, Hatsel, Hannah, Mary, Susanna, Barnabas, Keziah and Elizabeth;  (i) Hatsuld/Hatsel Freeman, married Abigail Hallett, seven children, Jerusha, David, Abigail, Jonathan, Sarah, Betsey and Mercy;  and (j) Rebecca Freeman, married first, Joseph Vickery, married second, John Wing, six children, Hannah, Phebe, Joseph, David, David and Thomas.

iv.  LT. EDMUND FREEMAN  (3904)

v.  MERCY FREEMAN  (7519)


vii.  WILLIAM FREEMAN, born about 1663, died 1687.  He married about 1684, Lydia Sparrow, born 19 November 1660 in Eastham, died there 16 March 1707/08, daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca (Bangs) Sparrow.  William and Lydia were the parents of two children:  (a) Lydia Freeman, married Richard Godfrey, six daughters, Hannah, Phebe, Lydia, Elizabeth, Mary and Rebecca;  and (b) William Freeman, married Mercy Pepper, nine children, Mercy, William, Daniel, Mercy, Apphia, Solomon, Isaac, Lydia and Simeon.

viii.  HANNAH FREEMAN, born 3 February 1664/65, died 14 February 1743/44.  She married John Mayo, son of [7810] Samuel and Tamsin/Tamozine (Lumpkin) Mayo.  Hannah & John were the parents of eight children:  (a) Hannah Mayo, married Judah Hopkins, one son, Samuel;  (b) Samuel Mayo(c) Mercy Mayo, married Nathaniel Hopkins, eleven children, David, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Bethia, Nathaniel, Mercy, Reuben, Samuel, James and Theophilus;  (d) Rebecca Mayo, married Ebenezer Paine, seven children, Patience, Joseph, Rebecca, Mary, Hannah, Ebenezer and Ebenezer;  (e) John Mayo(f) Mary Mayo, married Joseph Hopkins, ten children, Isaac, Joseph, Mary, Jonathan, Hannah, Nathan, Prence, Prence, Nathan and Elizabeth;  (g) Joseph Mayo, married Abigail Merrick, ten children, Joseph, Moses, Lydia, Thomas, Abigail, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Isaac, Nathan and Eunice;  and (h) Elizabeth Mayo, married Ebenezer Nickerson, nine children, Mary, Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Seth, Nathan, Ebenezer, Mercy and Elijah.

ix.  PRENCE FREEMAN, born 3 February 1664/65 in Eastham.

x.  NATHANIEL FREEMAN, born 20 March 1668/69 in Eastham, died there 4 January 1760.  He married about 1691, Mary Howland, who was born about 1666, and died 29 January 1741/42, daughter of Zoeth and Abigail (—) Howland.  Nathaniel & Mary were the parents of six children:  (a) Abigail Freeman, married Samuel Smith, eight children, Mary, Zoath, Abigail, Martha, Bathshuah, Grace, Susanna and Samuel;  (b) Nathaniel Freeman(c) John Freeman, married Tamsin Sears, five children, Eunice, Joseph, Mary, Abigail and Gideon;  (d) Mary Freeman(e) Eleazar Freeman;  and (f) Lydia Freeman.

xi.  BENNET FREEMAN, born 10 March 1670/71, died 13 May 1716.  She married 14 March 1688/89 in Eastham, Dea. John Paine, who was born there 14 March 1660/61, and died there in October 1731, son of [7912] Thomas and Mary (Snow) Paine.  Bennet & John were the parents of thirteen children:  (a) John Paine(b) Mary Paine, married Samuel Freeman, twelve children, Elizabeth, Samuel, James, Alice, Rebecca, Mary, Priscilla, Hannah, Marcy, Abigail, Barnabas and Barnabas;  (c) William Paine, married first, Sarah Bacon, four children, Sarah, Ruth, Josiah and Jedida, married second, Elizabeth (Osborn) Myrick, one son, William;  (d) Benjamin Paine(e) Sarah Paine, married Joshua Knowles, eight children, Jesse, Rebecca, Sarah, Joshua, Sarah, Josiah, Simeon and Susanna;  (f) unnamed child;  (g) Elizabeth Paine, married Jabez Snow, six children, Eunice, Elizabeth, Jabez, Joshua, Edward and Hannah;  (h) Theophilus Paine, married Hannah Bacon, six children, Hannah, Rebecca, Sarah, Nathaniel, Ruth and John;  (i) Josiah Paine(j) Nathaniel Paine(k) Rebecca Paine, married Elisha Linnell, one daughter, Hannah;  (l) Mercy Paine, married Ebenezer Cook, six children, Ruth, John, Rebecca, Ebenezer, Gideon and Mary;  and (m) Benjamin Paine.


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