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George & Elizabeth (Watts) Hubbard


4864.  George Hubbard was born in 1601 Essex, England, and died 18 March 1685 in Middletown (Middlesex) Connecticut.  He married in 1640 in Hartford (Hartford) Connecticut,

4865.  Elizabeth Watts, who was born 1622 in Dorset, England, and died 6 December 1702 in Middletown, daughter of [9730] Richard and Elizabeth (—) Watts.

Immigrants from England.

Settlers of Hartford & Middletown, Connecticut.

George was an early settler of Hartford and then Middletown, where his home was on a lot on the east side of Main St., north of Green St.  He was made freeman in 1654.  At a town meeting on 17 December 1666, the town voted to allow him 40 shillings for sweeping the meeting house and keeping the glass.  In 1666 he was also, by the county court, “freed from watch, ward and training.”  His will was dated 22 May 1681.  Elizabeth & George lie buried in Old Riverside Cemetery in Middletown.

Elizabeth & George were the parents of eleven children:

i.  MARY HUBBARD.  She married Thomas Ranney.  Mary & Thomas were the parents of seven children:  (a) Abigail Ranney, married Walter Harris, one daughter, Abigail;  (b) Elizabeth Ranney(c) Esther Ranney, married Nathaniel Savage;  (d) John Ranney, married Hannah Turner;  (e) Joseph Ranney, married Mary Starr;  (f) Mary Ranney, married Capt. John Savage;  and (g) Thomas Ranney, married first, Mary (—), married second, Rebecca Willett.

ii.  JOSEPH HUBBARD  (2432)


iv.  DANIEL HUBBARD, died 9 November 1704 in Middletown.  He married (as his first wife) Mary Clark, who died 24 December 1673 in Middletown, daughter of William and Katherine (Bunce) Clark.  Daniel & Mary were the parents of one son:  (a) Daniel Hubbard.  Daniel married (as his second wife) Sarah Cornwell, daughter of William and Mary (—) Cornwell.  Daniel & Sarah were the parents of six children:  (b) Jacob Hubbard(c) Margaret Hubbard, married John Ward;  (d) Mary Hubbard(e) Sarah Hubbard, married Edward Foster;  (f) Mehitable Hubbard;  and (g) Mary Hubbard.



vii.  GEORGE HUBBARD.  He married Mary Hall, who died 19 February 1688/89 in Middletown.  George & Mary were the parents of one son:  (a) George Hubbard.

viii.  NATHANIEL HUBBARD, died 20 May 1738 in Middletown.  He married Mary Earle, who died 6 April 1732 in Middletown, daughter of John and Mary (Webb) Earle.  Nathaniel & Mary were the parents of ten children:  (a) Mary Hubbard, married Thomas Bevins;  (b) Abigail Hubbard, married Jonathan Burr, eight children, Abigail, Ebenezer, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jonathan, Mary, Nathaniel and Thankful;  (c) Elizabeth Hubbard, married Thomas Wright, eight children, Earl, Elizabeth, Hepzibah, John, Jonas, Mary, Sarah and Thomas;  (d) Nathaniel Hubbard, married Sarah Johnson, five children, David, Isaac, Nathaniel, Nehemiah and Samuel;  (e) John Hubbard(f) Ebenezer Hubbard(g) Sarah Hubbard(h) Thankful Hubbard(i) Hannah Hubbard, married Samuel Wetmore;  and (j) Esther Hubbard, married Nathaniel Bacon.

ix.  RICHARD HUBBARD, died 30 July 1732 in Middletown.  He married Martha Cornwell, daughter of John and Martha (Peck) Cornwell.  Richard & Martha were the parents of six children:  (a) Martha Hubbard(b) Elizabeth Hubbard(c) Hannah Hubbard(d) Mary Hubbard(e) Mary Hubbard;  and (f) Richard Hubbard.


xi.  ELIZABETH HUBBARD, died 6 December 1725 in Middletown.  She married Thomas Wetmore, son of Thomas and Sarah (Hall) Wetmore.  Elizabeth & Thomas were the parents of two children:  (a) Elizabeth Wetmore;  and (b) Thomas Wetmore.


Research notes of Gertrude (Hubbard) Hamilton.

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Last Revised:  30 October 2013

2 comments on “George & Elizabeth (Watts) Hubbard

  1. Deci Worland-MacKinnon
    October 29, 2013

    Hello, George Hubbard is my ninth great grandfather. Question, you state he organized the First Church in 1688. Yet he died in 1685. You might want to fix that. Otherwise, great work!

    • Barbara Rodgers
      October 30, 2013

      Thank you for pointing out that discrepancy, Deci! It must be a typo and I’m not sure which date is inaccurate. Perhaps George’s son George was one who organized the church…

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