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Thomas & Ruth (Howland) Cushman


3800.  Thomas Cushman, son of [7600] Thomas and Mary (Allerton) Cushman, was born in September 1637 at Plymouth (Plymouth) Massachusetts, and died 23 August 1726 in Plympton (Plymouth) Massachusetts.  He married (as his first wife) 17 November 1664 in Plymouth, about a month after the birth of their first child,

3801.  Ruth Howland, who was born about 1646 in Plymouth and died before 16 October 1679, daughter of [7602] John and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland.

In 1664 Thomas was ordered to pay £5 for “carnall coppulation” with his future wife, Ruth Howland.

Thomas married (as his second wife) 16 October 1679 in Rehoboth (Bristol) Massachusetts, Abigail (Titus) Fuller, who was born there 18 February 1652/53, and died 31 May 1734 in Attleboro (Bristol) Massachusetts, daughter of John and Abigail (Carpenter) Titus, and widow of John Fuller.

Ruth & Thomas were the parents of three children:

i.  ROBERT CUSHMAN  (1900)

ii.  DESIRE CUSHMAN, born about 1668 in Plymouth, died 8 February 1762 in Barrington (Bristol) Rhode Island.  She married Samuel Kent, who was born in Swansea (Bristol) Massachusetts in 1668 and died in Barrington on 15 May 1737, son of Joseph and Susanna (George) Kent.  Desire & Samuel were the parents of two children:  (a) Hannah Kent, married Samuel Gray, eleven children, Desire, Deborah, Samuel, Hannah, Deborah, Lydia, Desire, Mary, Thomas, Simeon and Lois;  and (b) Josiah Kent, married Alethea Bullock, seven children, Susannah, Samuel, Hannah, Josiah, Anies, Annah and Joshuah.

iii.  THOMAS CUSHMAN, born about 1670 in Plymouth, died 9 January 1726/27 in Lebanon (New London) Connecticut.  He married Sarah Strong, who was born in 1674 in Coventry (Tolland) Connecticut, and died 25 December 1726 in Lebanon, daughter of Jedediah and Freedom (Woodward) Strong.  Thomas & Sarah were the parents of six children:  (a) Ruth Cushman, married Jonathan Hunt, eight children, Hulda, Vesta, Lore/Luna, Luther, Jasper, Sarah, Jonathan and Theodora;  (b) William Cushman(c) Thomas Cushman, married Mary (—), eight children, Oliver, Sybil, Rhoda, Mercy, Mary, Thomas, Sarah and Isaac; Thomas married second, Susannah Johnson;  (d) Zibiah Cushman, married Josiah Cooke, six children, Sarah, Lydia, Submit, Zibiah, Josiah and Ruth;  (e) Eleazer Cushman, married Abigail Parsons, five children, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Abigail, Thomas and Chloe;  and (f) Lydia Cushman.

Thomas & Abigail were the parents of four sons:

i.  JOB CUSHMAN, born about 1680 in Plymouth, died before 5 March 1739/40.  He married Lydia Brewster, who was born 11 February 1679/80 in Duxbury (Plymouth) Massachusetts and died before 11 May 1749, daughter of William and Lydia (Partridge) Brewster.  Job & Lydia were the parents of three children:  (a) Maria Cushman, married John Barker;  (b) Job Cushman;  and (c) Lydia Cushman, married first, Solomon Atwood, two children, Lydia and Solomon, Lydia married second, Ezekiel Rider, three sons, Ezra, Seth and Ezra.

ii.  BARTHOLOMEW CUSHMAN, born before 1684 in Plymouth, died 21 December 1721 in Plympton.

iii.  SAMUEL CUSHMAN, born before 1687 in Plymouth, died 19 February 1766 in Attleboro (Bristol) Massachusetts.  He married 8 December 1709 in Plympton, Fear Corser, who was born about 1685, and died 2 December 1767 in Attleboro.  Samuel & Fear were the parents of eight children:  (a) Desire Cushman, married first Ebenezer Foster, twelve children, Huldah, Mercy, Mercy, Fear, Fear, Ebenezer, Jemima, Samuel, Desire, Desire, Bartholomew and Bartholomew, Desire married second, John Allen;  (b) Mercy Cushman, married Noah Fuller, five children, Marcy, Noah, Sibulah, Chloe and Comfort;  (c) Samuel Cushman(d) Joseph Cushman(e) Jacob Cushman, married first, Elizabeth Read, thirteen children, Bartholomew, Samuel, Cynthia, Elisabeth, Jacob, Lois, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Rebekah, Eunice, Lucy, and an unnamed child, Jacob married second, Hannah (Stetson) Cobb, one son, Rowland;  (f) Jemima Cushman(g) Bartholomew Cushman;  and (h) Jemima Cushman.

iv.  BENJAMIN CUSHMAN, born before 1 March 1690/91 in Plymouth, died 17 October 1770 in Plympton.  He married first, 8 January 1711/12 in Plymouth, Sarah Eaton, who was born there 20 October 1695 and died 13 September 1737 in Plympton, daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Coombs) Eaton.  Benjamin & Sarah were the parents of ten children:  (a) Jabez Cushman, married Sarah Padelford, eight children, Hannah, Huldah, Molly, Sarah, Phebe, Zebedee, Samuel and Jabez;  (b) Caleb Cushman, married Sarah Barrows, seven children, Huldah, Sarah, Hannah, Isaac, Gideon, Benjamin and Caleb;  (c) Solomon Cushman, married first, Ruth (—), eight children, Abigail, Jerusha, Ruth, Molly, Solomon, Sarah, Priscilla and Eleazer, Solomon married second, Mary (Perry) Merritt, three children, Simeon, Silas and Eunice;  (d) Jerusha Cushman(e) Benjamin Cushman, married Zerviah Samson, ten children, Benjamin, Zerviah, Jacob, Caleb, Joanna, Zilpah, Joseph, Benjamin, Zerviah and Sarah;  (f) Sarah Cushman, (g) Abigail Cushman, married Zabadiel Samson, one daughter, Sarah;  (h) Thomas Cushman, married Anna Chipman, thirteen children, Abigail, Job, Jerusha, Samuel, Thomas, Elisabeth, Zachariah, Zebedee, Sarah, Lydia, Chipman, Polly/Molly and Bartholomew;  (i) Jerusha Cushman, married George Sturtevant, five children, Sarah, Consider, Mollie, Perez and Zebedee;  and (j) Huldah Cushman, married first David Fearing, two children, Israel and Abigail, Huldah married second, John Millard, three daughters, Experience, Sarah and Huldah;  Benjamin married second, 14 March 1738/39 in Plympton, Sarah (Phipeny) Bell, who was born about 1694 and died 16 January 1783 in Plympton, widow of John Bell.


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Last Revised:  12 June 2011

One comment on “Thomas & Ruth (Howland) Cushman

  1. June Chalon
    October 20, 2013

    Hi Barbara, Think your postings are just wonderful! Beautifully done. Found you because my son began to wonder about any Mayflower connections. i explained I’d never done them, but knew there were some. I picked one Sarah Cushman (1748) who had married Alexander Stedman, 10 November1758, coventry (Tolland) CT. Her father is, (according to your posting), Solomon 1716, Benjamin 1691; Thomas Jr. 1637; Thomas, Sr., 1607; Robert, etc. Since Mary Allerton married Thomas (Sr.) this would be one Mayflower connection for us. The Alexander Stedmans in New England went on to Belpre, Ohio. One of their sons,Bial, was a judge there. One of his sons, Benjamin Miles Stedman married Belinda Ann Clapp in Natchez, Ms. Their son, Henry Warren Stedman came to Palestine, Texas. Henry’s son, Edgar Bates Stedman, was my dear grandfather. Thanks for sharing your family connections. June

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