Timothy & Barbara Rodgers Family History

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Jeremiah & Lydia (Howland) Thomas


3752.  Jeremiah Thomas, son of [7504] David and Joanna (—) Thomas, was born about 1659 in Middleborough, Plymouth Colony, and died there 2 February 1735/36.  He married (as his first wife) 25 February 1683/84 in Barnstable, Plymouth Colony,

3753.  Lydia Howland, who was born 9 January 1664/65 in Barnstable and died 5 July 1717 in Middleborough, daughter of [7506] John and Mary (Lee) Howland.

After Lydia died, Jeremiah married (as his second wife) 29 April 1720 in Taunton (Bristol) Massachusetts, Mary (Sanford) Durfee, who was born 30 March 1664 in Rhode Island, and died 15 November 1749, daughter of John and Mary (Gorton) (Greene) Sanford, and widow of Robert Durfee.   Jeremiah & Mary had no children together.

Lydia lies buried “in the first grave” at the Green Cemetery in Middleborough.  Also buried there are Jeremiah and his second wife, Mary.  Jeremiah’s will, dated 29 September 1735, left his wife Mary all the goods she brought into the marriage, £20 and her choice of his cows.  He left his firstborn son Nathaniel 20 acres of land, and his sons Jeremiah and Jedediah each received half a lot of land in the “South Purchase.”  His son Ebenezer was named sole executor and received Jeremiah’s homestead housing and lands.  To six of his daughters he left £5 each, and to daughter Priscilla he left a two year old heifer, a bed, a feather bed and bolster, a pillow and a blanket.

Jeremiah & Lydia were the parents of eleven children:


ii.  SARAH THOMAS, born 25 December 1687 in Middleborough, died there 30 April 1756.  She married (as her first husband) before 1714, her first cousin, once removed, Isaac Howland, who was born 6 March 1678/79 in Middleborough, and died there 26 February 1723/24, son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Vaughan) Howland.  Sarah & Isaac were the parents of four children:  (a) Isaac Howland(b) Jeremiah Howland, married Betty Vaughan, seven children, Thankful, Betty/Betsey, Sarah, Hope, Charity, Susannah and Joseph;  (c) Joseph Howland, married Elizabeth Mitchell, ten children, an unnamed daughter, Susannah, Isaac, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ichabod, Rebecca, Isaac and Jacob;  and (d) Charles Howland.  Sarah married (as her second husband and as his second wife) 7 August 1730 in Middleborough, Samuel Wood, who was born there 19 September 1684, and died there before 13 July 1747, son of Samuel and Rebecca (Morton) Wood.

iii.  JEREMIAH THOMAS, born 14 February 1688/89 in Middleborough, died there 8 January 1763.  He married 12 December 1718 in Middleborough, Miriam Thomas, who was born there 28 December 1694, and died there 10 January 1758, daughter of Edward and Mary (Nelson) Thomas.  Jeremiah & Miriam were the parents of nine children:  (a) Mary Thomas(b) Miriam Thomas, married Gershom Cobb, four children, Gershom, Thomas, Jeremiah and Sarah;  (c) Lemuel Thomas, married Mehitable Weston, twelve children, Deborah, Miriam, Mehitable, Willard, Elizabeth, Ruth, Mary, Lemuel, Jeremiah, Sarah and two unnamed sons;  (d) Lydia Thomas, married Josiah Vaughn, three daughters, Sarah, Lydia and Joanna;  (e) Martha Thomas, married Obed Edson, five children, Keturah, Thomas, Lydia, Silence and Isaac;  (f) Charles Thomas, married Deborah Raymond;  (g) Jeremiah Thomas(h) Sarah Thomas, married James Littlejohn, five children, William, Sarah, Miriam, Hannah and James;  and (i) Deborah Thomas.

iv.  ELIZABETH THOMAS, born 19 November 1690 in Middleborough, died in August 1776.  She married 9 August 1723 in Middleborough, John Tomson, who was born there 9 August 1682, son of John and Mary (Tinkham) Tomson.  Elizabeth & John were the parents of three children:  (a) John Tomson, married Elizabeth “Betty” Fuller, six children, Susannah, Eliphalet/Thaddeus, Nathan, Zaccheus, Elizabeth and Stephen;  (b) Elizabeth Tomson, married Samuel Fuller, nine children, Zadock, Elizabeth, John, Huldah, Huldah, Martha, Lydia, Samuel and Lemuel;  and (c) Lydia Tomson, married Isaac Soule, three daughters, Mary, Lucy and Lydia.

v.  MARY THOMAS, born 5 June 1692 in Middleborough.  She married (as her first husband and as his second wife) 25 October 1733 in Barnstable (Barnstable) Massachusetts, Reuben Blish, who was born there 14 August 1683, and died there in 1738, son of Joseph and Hannah (Hull) Blish.  Mary married (as her second husband and as his second wife) 5 March 1743/44 in Barnstable, Lt. John Annable, who was born there 19 July 1673, son of Samuel and Mehitable (Allen) Annable.  Mary had no children with either husband.

vi.  LYDIA THOMAS, born 26 March 1694 in Middleborough.  She married (as her first husband) 13 January 1723/24 in Middleborough, George Hackett, son of John and Eleanor (Gardiner) Hackett.  Lydia & George were the parents of three children:  (a) Sarah Hackett, married Eliakim Richmond, three children, Howland, George and Judah/Judith;  (b) Gideon Hackett, married Elizabeth “Betty” Sampson, seven children, George, John, Persila, Lydia, Ruth, Gideon and Hannah;  and (c)  Lydia Hackett, married John Hall.  Lydia married (as her second husband and as his second wife) 26 August 1736 in Middleborough, Jonathan Cobb, who was born 26 April 1686 in Barnstable and died 29 October 1777 in Falmouth (Portland) Maine, son of Jonathan and Hope (Chipman) (Huckins) Cobb.  Lydia & Jonathan had no children.

vii.  THANKFUL THOMAS, born30 June 1695 in Middleborough, and died there 17 April 1743.  She married 6 March 1717/18 in Middleborough, James Cobb, who was born there 12 April 1696 and died there 27 January 1743/44, son of John and Rachel (Soule) Cobb.  Thankful & James were the parents of eight children:  (a) Lydia Cobb, married Seth Howland, four children, Drusilla, Nathan, Deborah and Betty;  (b) Rachel Cobb, married Samuel Smith, seven children, William, Samuel, Cornelius, Susannah, Hannah, Ebenezer and Lucy;  (c) Thankful Cobb, married Ichabod Wood, twelve children, Israel, Anna, Samuel, Joshua, Ichabod, Thomas, Elizabeth, Jacob, Silvanus, Joseph, Benjamin and Andrew;  (d) Patience Cobb, married William Winslow, seven children, John, William, James, Nathaniel, John, Patience and Mary;  (e) James Cobb, married Susannah Tinkham, eight children, Thankful, James, Susannah, Seth, Asenath, Zilpah, Hannah and Priscilla;  (f) Sarah Cobb, married Ebenezer Morton, six children, Mercy, Ebenezer, Phebe, Levy/Livy, Priscilla and Sarah;  (g) Priscilla Cobb, married Silas Wood, eight children, Sarah, Silas, Priscilla, Mary, Lydia, Levi, Timothy and Abiel;  and (h) Elizabeth Cobb.

viii.  JEDEDIAH THOMAS, born 19 August 1698 in Middleborough, died there 20 December 1777.  He married 12 March 1723/24 in Middleborough, his second cousin, once removed, Lois Nelson, who was born there 19 April 1704, daughter of Thomas and Hope (Huckins) Nelson.  Jedediah & Lois were the parents of nine children:  (a) Hope Thomas, married Elijah Clap, nine children, Joanna, James, Elizabeth, Ezra, Hope, Manasseh, Hannah, Thomas and Waitstill;  (b) Jedediah Thomas, married Keziah Churchill, eight children, Mary, Martha, Nelson, Churchill, Keziah, Zebedee, Jedediah and Abiah;  (c) Elizabeth Thomas, married Moses Sturtevant, one daughter, Lois;  (d) Lois Thomas, married Dea. James Shaw, five children, Chipman, Chloe, James, Joseph and Ebenezer;  (e) Mercy Thomas, married Dea. George Shaw, twelve children, Elisha, Marcus, Summer, Thomas, Ruth, Deborah, Jacob, George, Marcy, Hannah, Phebe and Moses;  (f) Abiah Thomas, married Capt. Nehemiah Allen, eight children, Lois, Mary, Abiah, Nehemiah, Susannah, Bathsheba, Jedediah and Washington;  (g) Joanna Thomas, married John Harlow, ten children, Isaac, Joanna, Zenas, Lois, John, Daniel, Joshua, Mary, Joanna and an unnamed child;  (h) Isaac Thomas, married Phebe Thomas, six children, Isaac, Ezra, Lois, Lucy, Isaac and Jedediah;  and (i) Lt. Foxwell Thomas, married Martha Holmes, seven children, Jedediah, Eliab, Martha, Coombs, Foxwell, Jacob and Lois.

ix.  BETHIAH THOMAS, born 27 March 1701 in Middleborough.  She married (as his second wife) after 27 July 1725 in Barnstable, her second cousin, Jacob Chipman, who was born there 30 August 1695, and died 8 May 1741 in the West Indies, son of Samuel and Sarah (Cobb) Chipman.  Bethiah & Jacob were the parents of nine children:  (a) Lucretia/Luce/Lusannah “Lucy” Chipman, married Capt. George Ring, eleven children, Louisa, Samuel, Lucy, George, Hannah, Marcus, Sherah, Jacob, Luther and two unnamed children;  (b) Lydia Chipman, married Ebenezer Fuller, seven children, Ruth, Lydia, Lydia, Chipman, Priscilla, Eunice and Ichabod;  (c) Anna Chipman, married Thomas Cushman, thirteen children, Abigail, Job, Jerusha, Samuel, Thomas, Elisabeth, Zachariah, Zebedee, Sarah, Lydia, Chipman, Polly/Molly and Bartholomew;  (d) Bethiah Chipman, married John Smith, three children, Jacob, Sarah and John;  (e) Jacob Chipman, married Anna Waterman, seven children, Hannah, Content, Lucy, Lydia, Jacob, Joseph and George;  (f) Priscilla Chipman, married Ezekiel Washburn, eight children, Sylvia, Priscilla, Olive, Lois, Ezekiel, Ichabod, Jacob and Saba;  (g) Hannah Chipman(h) an unnamed daughter;  and (i) Mary Chipman, married Jonathan Porter.

x.  EBENEZER THOMAS, born 1 November 1703 in Middleborough.  He married about 1731 in Middleborough, Anna Ransom, who was born about 1712 and died in Middleborough, 8 November 1763.  Ebenezer & Anna were the parents of seven children:  (a) Rachel Thomas, married Abner Barrows, four sons, Joseph, Dwelly, Abner and Jacob;  (b) Priscilla Thomas, married Ichabod Wood, one son, Daniel;  (c) Ebenezer Thomas, married Joanna Cushman, five children, Susannah, Peleg, Anna, Nehemiah and Elkanah;  (d) Mary Thomas(e) Thankful Thomas(f) Ransom Thomas;  and (g) Jacob Thomas, married Content Johnson.

xi.  PRISCILLA THOMAS, born 13 October 1705 in Middleborough.


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