Timothy & Barbara Rodgers Family History

May the nourishment of the earth be yours, may the clarity of light be yours, may the fluency of the ocean be yours, may the protection of the ancestors be yours. And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life. ~ John O’Donohue

Benjamin & Ruth (Pabodie) Bartlett


3750.  Benjamin Bartlett, son of [7500] Benjamin and Sarah (Brewster) Bartlett, was probably born in Duxbury (Plymouth) Massachusetts and died there 27 August 1720.  He married in December 1676 in Duxbury,

3751.  Ruth Pabodie, who was born in Duxbury on 27 June 1658, and died between 25 April 1724 and 27 March 1725, daughter of [7502] William and Elizabeth (Alden) Pabodie.

Benjamin was a cooper.

Benjamin & Ruth were the parents of ten children:

i.  RUTH BARTLETT  (1875)

ii.  BENJAMIN BARTLETT, born in Duxbury.

iii.  DEBORAH BARTLETT, born in Duxbury.  She married 19 December 1723 in Duxbury, Josiah Thomas, who was born before 19 March 1698/99 in Marshfield (Plymouth) Massachusetts, and died between 28 March 1748 and 2 March 1749/50, son of Samuel and Mercy (Ford) Thomas.  Deborah & Josiah were the parents of eight children:  (a) William Thomas(b) Joshua Thomas(c) Peleg Thomas(d) Adam Thomas(e) Deborah Thomas(f) Ruth Thomas(g) Benjamin Thomas;  and (h) Consider Thomas.

iv.  REBECCA BARTLETT, born in Duxbury.  She married 27 November 1701 in Plymouth (Plymouth) Massachusetts, her second cousin, once removed, John Bradford, who was born there 29 December 1675 and died there 27 March 1724, son of John and Mercy (Warren) Bradford.  Rebecca & John were the parents of two children:  (a) Robert Bradford;  and (b) Rebecca Bradford.

v.  WILLIAM BARTLETT, born in Duxbury, died before 12 January 1716/17.  He married (as her first husband) 5 July 1716 in Plymouth, Sarah Foster, who was born there 16 April 1696 and died in Marshfield on 7 February 1778, daughter of John and Hannah (Stetson) Foster.  William & Sarah were the parents of a daughter:  (a) Ruth Bartlett.

vi.  ROBERT BARTLETT, born 6 December 1679 in Duxbury, died before 10 December 1717.

vii.  SARAH BARTLETT, born about 1681 in Duxbury, died in Kingston (Plymouth) Massachusetts on 1 April 1761.  She married 27 November 1701 in Plymouth, Israel Bradford, who was born there about 1677, and died in Kingston on 26 March 1760, son of William and Mary (Wood) (Holmes) Bradford.  Sarah & Israel were the parents of seven children:  (a) Ruth Bradford(b) Bathsheba Bradford(c) Benjamin Bradford(d) Abner Bradford(e) Joshua Bradford(f) Ichabod Bradford, married first, Mary Johnson, five children, Ichabod, Elizabeth, Rhoda, Lemuel and Anne; Ichabod married second, his third cousin, Mary (Samson) Cooke, a son, Israel;  and (g) Elisha Bradford, married Mary Sturtevant.

viii.  MARCY/MERCY BARTLETT, born about 1694 in Duxbury, died in Scituate (Plymouth) Massachusetts on 6 October 1757.  She married (as his first wife) 5 August 1714 in Duxbury, John Turner, who was born in Scituate on 1 January 1692/93 and died there on 20 March 1778, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hawkins) Turner.  Marcy & John were the parents of seven children:  (a) John Turner(b) Rial Turner(c) Grace Turner(d) Bartlett Turner(e) Michael Turner(f) Deborah Turner;  and (g) Malzer Turner.

ix.  PRISCILLA BARTLETT, born January 1696/97 in Duxbury, died there 7 July 1758.  She married 31 January 1717/18 in Duxbury, John Samson, who was born there 17 August 1688 and died there 26 January 1770, son of Stephen and Elizabeth (—) Samson.  Priscilla & John were the parents of nine children:  (a) Lusanna Samson, married her second cousin, Peleg Wadsworth, a son, Peleg;  (b) Zilpah Samson(c) John Samson(d) Priscilla Samson(e) Elizabeth Samson(f) John Samson(g) Elisha Samson(h) Sylvanus Samson;  and (i) Elijah Samson.

x.  ABIGAIL BARTLETT, born 18 March 1703/04 in Duxbury, died there 30 August 1776.  She married 30 August 1728 in Duxbury, her first cousin, once removed, Hon. Gamaliel Bradford, who was born in Plymouth on 18 May 1704 and died in Duxbury on 24 April 1778, son of Samuel and Hannah (Rogers) Bradford.  Abigail & Gamaliel were the parents of ten children:  (a) Abigail Bradford(b) Capt. Samuel Bradford, married Grace Ring, eleven children, Deborah, Samuel, Lydia, William, Welthea, Lyman, Grace, Elihu, Grace, George and Isaiah;  (c) Gamaliel Bradford(d) Seth Bradford(e) Peabody Bradford(f) Deborah Bradford(g) Hannah Bradford(h) Ruth Bradford(i) Andrew Bradford;  and (j) Peter Bradford.


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Last Revised:  12 June 2011

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