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Ammiel & Phebe (Small) Weekes


984.  Dea. Ammiel Weekes, son of ]1968] George and Deborah (Wing) Weekes, was born 10 April 1720 in Harwich (Barnstable) Massachusetts, and died 12 February 1804.  He married 2 March 1742/43,

985.  Phebe Small, who was born 12 October 1717 in Harwich, and died 21 April 1793, daughter of [1970] Jonathan and Damerous (Winslow) Small.

Ammiel & Phebe lie buried in Island Pond Cemetery in Harwich.  The following is from Genealogy of the Family of George Weekes of Dorchester, Mass. 1635-1650, by Robert D. Weeks, published in 1885:

[Ammiel] was a farmer; also made salt from sea water. He was a deacon in the church, and an eminently conscientious man: at one time he resigned the office of constable, rather than collect taxes for the support of the gospel. He was strict in his regard for the Sabbath; and in order to commence its observance betimes on Saturday evening, (as is still nominally the custom in some parts of New England,) ‘every Saturday afternoon, while the sun was yet high, he would come in from his work, wash, shave, take his frugal supper of bread and milk, and sit down to the reading of his Bible.’

It is related of [his son Ebenezer],– as showing [Ebenezer's] mechanical genius, and as illustrating the strictness of the views then prevalent in regard to the Sabbath,– that at a house where he, then a mere boy, stopped with his father to rest, on their seven miles walk to ‘meeting,’ on the ‘North side,’ [Ebenezer] so carefully examined a wooden spoon, that he was able, with his father’s tools, to produce a facsimile on Monday; and his father [Ammiel], while expressing admiration of his work, reproved him for breaking the Sabbath by his study of the model on the Lord’s day.

Ammiel & Phebe were the parents of six children:

i.  ISAAC WEEKES (492)

ii.  PHEBE WEEKES, born 6 June 1749 in Harwich, died 3 February 1819.

iii.  DEBORAH WEEKES, born 11 January 1750/51, died 23 October 1796.  She married in 1771, Seth Nickerson, who died 3 April 1784.  Deborah & Seth were the parents of five children:  (a) Ammiel Nickerson(b) Deborah Nickerson(c) Phebe Nickerson, married Barnabas Ellis;  (d) Seth Nickerson, married Mehitable (—);  and (e) Thankful Nickerson, married Walter Matthews.

iv.  AMMIEL WEEKES, born 11 January 1754 in Harwich, died there 7 October 1787.  He married 22 July 1775 in Chatham (Barnstable) Massachusetts, Mehitabel Nickerson, who was born 20 September 1757 in Harwich, and died 10 November 1822 in Buxton (?), New Hampshire, daughter of [986] Joshua and Thankful (Eldridge) Nickerson.  Ammiel & Mehitabel were the parents of four children:  (a) Thankful Weekes, married Bassett Chase, two children, Basset and Lurany;  (b) Lot Weekes, married Cynthia Covell, six children, Reuben, Mehitabel, Lot, Ebenezer, Cynthia and Phebe Basset;  (c) Hannah Weekes, married Josiah Sears Kendricks;  and (d) Ammiel Weekes, married Susanna Myricks, six children, Ammiel, Francis Dana, Stephen Myricks, Lewis Thatcher, Seth Nickerson and Priscilla.  Ammiel & Mehitabel are buried in Island Pond Cemetery in Harwich.

v.  CAPT. EBENEZER WEEKES, born 11 September 1755 in Harwich, died 8 May 1815.  He married (as his first wife) in November 1777, Dorothy Smith, who was born about 1758, and died 23 December 1778, daughter of John Smith.  Ebenezer & Dorothy were the parents of one son:  (a) Ebenezer Weekes, married Roxanna Brooks, eleven children, Frederic, Franklin, Obed, Tamesin Brooks, Dorothy, Sophronia, Ebenezer, Warren, Cyrus, Fessenden Sylvester, and Roxanna Brooks.  Ebenezer married (as his second wife) 25 May 1781, Barbara (Godfrey) Small, who was born about 1747 and died 11 May 1798, widow of Capt. Elijah Small.  Barbara is buried with her first husband, Elijah, in the Weekes lot at Island Pond Cemetery in Harwich.  Ebenezer & Barbara were the parents of three daughters:  (b) Dorothy Weekes, married George Phillips, four children, Cambyses, Ebenezer Weekes, Jemima and Nathan;  (c) Sally Weekes, married Capt. Obed Brooks, nine children, Sidney, Obed, Roxanna, Sidney, Harriet, Tamesin, an unnamed son, Henry Cobb and Sarah Godfrey;  and (d) Phebe Weekes, married Phineas Carver, six children, Alfred, Sidney W., Sally A., Cyrus Weekes, Lucina M. and Balfour.  Ebenezer married (as his third wife) in August 1798, Hannah Fessenden, who was born about 1762 and died 7 April 1803, daughter of William Fessenden.  Ebenezer & Hannah were the parents of three sons:  (e) Fessenden Weekes(f) Capt. Cyrus Weekes, married Mehitable Doane, no children;  and (g) Benjamin Freeman Weekes.  Ebenezer married (as his fourth wife) 25 December 1803, Mehitabel (Robbins) Tripp, who was born 27 March 1767, and died 28 January 1844, widow of Reuben Tripp, and daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia (—) Robbins.  Ebenezer & Mehitabel were the parents of four children:  (h) Darius Weekes, married first, Priscilla Long, seven children, James H. L., Mary Higgings, Rebecca Winslow, Darius Fessenden, Ebenezer, Sarah Priscilla, and Harriet Brooks, Darius married second, Eliza T. (—) Hamilton;  (i) Hannah F. Weekes(j) Barbara Weekes, married Edward Smalley, nine children, Barbara Ann, Charles Edward, Anthony, Ebenezer, Henry Sheridan, Imogene Howard, Cynthia Brooks, Walter Varian and Ida May;  and (k) Benjamin Freeman Weekes, married Louisa Nickerson, eleven children, Cyrus, Dorothy, Alphonso, Eveline, Louisa, Frederic, Benjamin F., Darius, Mehitabel, Ebenezer and Fessenden.  Ebenezer is buried near his third wife, Hannah in the First Congregational Church Cemetery in Harwich.

vi.  MEHITABLE WEEKES, born 9 August 1758.  She married David Clark.  Mehitable & David were the parents of six children:  (a) George Clark, married Reliance Young, five children, Nathaniel, Leonard, Ruth, Mahetabel, and Bashaba;  (b) Dorcas Clark, married first, Joseph L. Rogers, married second, George Phillips;  (c) Mehitabel Clark, married John Young;  (d) David Clark, married Bethany Eldridge;  (e) Phebe Clark;  and (f) Deborah Clark, married Josiah Smalley.


“Freeman Compilation,” MS, c. 1875; Harwich, Massachusetts, 107, 111, 113, 115, 245, 267

Robert Dodd Weeks, Genealogy Of the Family of George Weekes of Dorchester, Mass. 1635-1650, (Newark, New Jersey: Press of L. J. Hardham, 1885), 78, 79, 80, 87, 97

Last Revised:  12 June 2011

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