Timothy & Barbara Rodgers Family History

May the nourishment of the earth be yours, may the clarity of light be yours, may the fluency of the ocean be yours, may the protection of the ancestors be yours. And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life. ~ John O’Donohue

Seth & Anna (Gage) Allen


494.  Seth Allen, son of [988] John and Hannah (Paine) Allen, was born 8 February 1755 in Harwich (Barnstable) Massachusetts, and died 14 January 1838.  He married 6 February 1777,

495.  Anna Gage, daughter of [990] James and Mercy (Baker) Gage.

Seth served in the Revolutionary War.  Anna died four and a half months before her husband.  They lie buried together in the First Congregational Church Cemetery in Harwich.

Anna & Seth were the parents of eleven children:

i.  HANNAH ALLEN, born 26 August 1776.  She married Henry Smith.

ii.  MATTHEW ALLEN, born 16 February 1778, died 12 September 1856.  He married Ruth Nickerson, who was born 14 December 1781 in Harwich, daughter of Bassett and Ruth (Baker) Nickerson.  Matthew & Ruth were the parents of two children:  (a) Ruth Allen, married Daniel Bassett;  and (b) Matthew Allen, married Joanna Bassett.

iii.  NAOMI ALLEN, born 5 February 1780.  She married Edward Perry.

iv.  EBENEZER ALLEN, born 28 November 1781.  He married in 1806 Hannah Bassett, who was born 18 April 1784 in Harwich, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Gage) Bassett.


vi.  SALLY ALLEN, born 25 July 1785, died 25 July 1847.  She married (as her first husband) Thomas Small, who was born about 1785, and died 14 July 1845.  Sally married (as her second husband) 29 December 1803, Christopher Eldridge.

vii.  MULFORD ALLEN, born 17 October 1789, died 7 April 1794.

viii.  JAMES ALLEN, born 25 May 1792.  He married Betsey Baker.

ix.  MERCY ALLEN, born 25 May 1792.  She married 28 November 1811 in Yarmouth (Barnstable) Massachusetts, Caleb Halsey Baker, son of Shubaal and Elizabeth (Chase) Baker.  Mercy & Caleb were the parents of two children:  (a) David Gage Baker, married Lydia A. Handy, one daughter, Lydia Ann;  and (b) Mary Jane Baker, married Waterman W. Dexter, one daughter, Annie Gage.

x.  ANNA ALLEN, born 6 November 1794.  She married 16 February 1815, her fourth cousin, Ezra Howes, who was born 6 May 1793, son of David and Rebecca (Baker) Howes.

xi.  HULDAH ALLEN, born 18 September 1796.  She married 19 October 1829, her fourth cousin, Thomas Howes, who was born 16 August 1796, son of David and Rebecca (Baker) Howes.


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Last Revised:  12 June 2011

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