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Joseph & Ferreby (Alexander) Rogers


256.  Joseph Rogers married in (St. Augustine) Florida,

257.  Ferreby Alexander, daughter of [514] John and Margaret Elizabeth (Alden) Alexander.

Joseph & Ferreby and 3 of their children over 10 years of age, arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, from St. Augustine, on the ship Argo on 29 July 1784, and were in Chedabucto [Manchester], Sydney (Guysborough) Nova Scotia by the autumn of 1784.  On 23 February 1785 they bought Lot #4, 400 acres, in Manchester.  In 1790 they probably bought 250 acres from a Henry Johns, but this was not recorded.

Ferreby & Joseph were the parents of eight children:

i.  JOSEPH ROGERS, born about 1762, died after 1819 in Mecklenburg (Anson) North Carolina.  He married 18 September 1780 in Guysborough (Manchester) Nova Scotia, Abigail Wheeler.  Joseph & Abigail were the parents of two children:  (a) Joseph Rogers and (b) Needham Edward Rogers.

ii.  CORP. ELI ROGERS (128)

iii.  BRYANT ROGERS, born about 1766 in Virginia, died in Melford (Guysborough) Nova Scotia.  He married (as his first wife) 5 January 1792 in (Sydney) Nova Scotia, Jennet “Jennie” Hunt, who was born 1772 in South Carolina, and died 1826.  Bryant & Jennet were the parents of twelve children:  (a) Isaac Rogers, married first, Marianne/Matilda (—), three children, Matilda, Isaac and Madison Charles, married second, Rebecca (—)  internet cousins[Distant Cousins:  Isaac Roger's 2nd great-granddaughter, Mary Therese (Marshall) (Kafouse) Bates, is Tim's fifth cousin, once removed.  We "met" her on the internet in and exchanged genealogical information.](b) Anna Rogers, married Thomas Cochrane;  (c) William M. Rogers, married Temperance Carter, nine children, William, Bridget, Marianne/Mary Ann, William T., John Madison, George Shepard, Richard R., Catherine Jane, and Helen/Ellen F.;  (d) Matterson Rogers(e) John Rogers, married Elizabeth (—), two children, John Bryant and Mary Jane;  (f) George Shepard Rogers(g) Thomas Rogers, married Janet McNair, five children, Mary, William, Bryant, Thomas, and John William;  (h) Bryant Rogers, married Mary Anne Peebles, four children, Bryan, Harriet Jane, William, and Charlotte Elizabeth;  (i) Farriby Rogers, married Stephen McGuire, three children, John Henry, Bryant, and Mary Ann;  (j) Jennet Rogers(k) Susan Rogers;  and (l) Temperance Rogers.  Bryant married 4 September 1827 in Sydney, Nova Scotia (as his second wife) Christie/Hettie Stewart, who was born 1792 in Scotland, and died 1871.  Bryant & Christie were the parents of two children:  (m) Margaret Jane Rogers and (n) Christian Rogers.

iv.  EZEKIEL ROGERS, born about 1768.  Ezekiel was a farmer who served as a Loyalist in the Revolutionary War in the Duke of Cumberland’s Regiment.

v.  WILLIAM ROGERS, born about 1770.  William also served in the Duke of Cumberland’s Regiment.

vi.  AFRICA ROGERS, born about 1772 in North Carolina, died in (Lincoln) Tennessee.  She married in Guysborough (Guysborough) Nova Scotia, William George, who was born 19 July 1756 in (Lancaster) Virginia, and died 1 April 1847 in (Lincoln), son of William and Lucia/Lucy (Payne) George.  Africa & William were the parents of ten children:  (a) Eli George, married Mary Brown;  (b) Farriby George(c) John M. George(d) Joseph George, married Mary Margaret Caldwell, married Eleanor Burton;  (e) Mahala George(f) Mary George(g) Needham George, married Sarah Farish, married Emaline Rebecca Copeland;  (h) Thomas B. George, married Susannah Hobbs, married Lillian “Lilly” Black, married Mary “Polly” Colbert;  (i) David W. George, married Nancy Hobbs;  and (j) William George, married Margaret Hobbs.

vii.  NEEDHAM ROGERS, born about 1774, died in North Carolina.  He married before 1801 in (Sydney) Nova Scotia, Catherine Proven.  Needham & Catherine were the parents of one son, (a) Ezekiel Rogers, married Eleanor Hinshaw, eleven children, Catherine, Edward M., Elizabeth, George W., Harriet, John C., Joseph, Lucinda, Lydia, Mary, and William A.

viii.  GEORGE ROGERS, born about 1775, died before 1813.  He married 22 February 1803 in Guysborough, Martha “Matty” Henline, who died after 1861, daughter of George and Katherine (—) Henley.  George & Martha were the parents of three sons:  (a) John Rogers, married Ruth (—), three children, Hannah Elizabeth, Martha Johanna, and James;  (b) George Rogers;  and (c) Henry Rogers, married Susannah Sneider/Shrader, six children, Israel, Permelia A., Maria L., George H., Sarah E., and Etta Frances.


A. C. Jost, Guysborough Sketches and Essays, (Kentville, Nova Scotia: Kentville Publishing Company, Ltd., 1950), 173-175, 393

Township Books for Manchester and Guysborough: Births, Marriages and Deaths 1782-1860, Return of Lots of land on the West Side of the Gutt of Canso in the Township of Manchester to the Loyalists from St. Augustine

PANS Halifax, NS Census and Poll Taxes in RG 1767-1838 and Abstracts

Murtie June Clark, Loyalists in the Southern Campaign, Vol. 1, (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc.,1981)

Research notes of Mary Therese (Marshall) Bates

Last Revised:  11 June 2011

46 comments on “Joseph & Ferreby (Alexander) Rogers

  1. Cindy Day Erwin
    May 4, 2010

    Thank you for this web site. My husband is a descendant of Needham George and your public posting of info is extraordinarily helpful!

    Cindy Erwin
    Chicago, IL

  2. Barbara
    May 5, 2010

    Thank you for your kind words, Cindy. I seem to be getting more traffic since I started moving my research over here to WordPress! Please feel free to let me know if you have anything more to add to the story…
    Warmly, Barbara

  3. Becky
    January 10, 2011

    I am researching Joseph Franklin, Lydia, William, George, and Mary J Rogers. Their parents are John Rogers (1793 Nova Scotia-1876 Massachusetts) and Elizabeth Stewart (Stuart) (1799 Nova Scotia- 1882 Massachusetts). A marriage record indicated that Joseph was born in Guysborough in 1842. Would you know if this may be true. Thanks, Becky

    • Barbara
      January 14, 2011

      Sorry, Becky, but I don’t have an Elizabeth Stewart (or Stuart) married to a John Rogers (or Rodgers) in my data. You don’t say where you’re from, but perhaps you could visit or write to the town hall in Guysborough to see if they could locate a birth record for John. Good luck!

      • Becky
        April 23, 2011

        Thank you for your help. According to John Roger’s entry in the Beverly, Massachusetts death register, 13 Jun 1876, his parents were Bryan and Jenette Rogers and their birthplace, Georgia. Elizabeth Stewart’s parents were James Stuart (Maine) and Temperance Baxter (Massachusetts). I live in California and maybe someday I will be able to visit Guysborough.

    • Jill
      August 22, 2013

      I have been told:
      Elizabeth or Betsy Stewart
      Elizabeth’s surname appears on her children’s Baptismal Records which also, list their birth dates.
      husband John Rogers b. circa 1800 NS, had they 7 children:
      Ann, John, Elizabeth, John Bryant, George, Christina, and Mary Jane Rogers. All of these children were born in Nova Scotia, Canada

      • Becky
        December 1, 2013

        Thank you Jill

        Would you know what church the baptismal records are listed? I have eight children that I am pretty sure through censuses, marriage and death records that belong to John and Elizabeth (Stewart) Rogers. William (1818-1894), Lydia (1820-1910), Annie (1823-1878), John Bryant (1825-1857), Elizabeth (1827-1854), George S (1832-1872), Joseph F (1840-1917), and Mary Jane (1842-abt 1940). From what I have gathered their births are somewhere in Guysborough.

        Elizabeth Stewart also had a sister Margaret who married John Hunson. Margaret and her husband migrated to Gloucester, Massachusetts about the same time Elizabeth and John did from Nova Scotia. Would you know anything about these family members?

        Thank you

        • Jill
          December 2, 2013

          I got the info from several people. John Rogers 1793-1876 and Elizabeth Stewart
          7 children: Ann b 1823 married Michael Day, John b. 1825 married Maqaret Ryan, Elizabeth b 1827 married William Leary, John Bryant b. 1830, George b. 1832, Mary Jane b, 1842 married Martin Parker and Christina.
          Sorry I do not know the church.
          I have them in the 1850 and 1860 census.

          Never heard Elizabeth Stewart/Stuart had a sister Margaret who married John Hunson.

          Are you confusing John’s brother William as his son?

          Massachusetts, Death Records, 1841-1915
          Name: William Rogers 2nd
          Gender: Male
          Birth Date: abt 1793
          Birth Place: Canso, N S
          Death Date: 27 Mar 1880
          Death Place: Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
          Age at Death: 87
          Father: Bryant Rogers
          Mother: Jennie

          • Becky
            December 3, 2013

            Thank you Jill

            William seems to be a very traditional name. I am sure about William, his death record in 1894 Marblehead said died of anemia and the record lists his parents as John and Elizabeth (Stewart) Rogers. William married Mary Green in 1845 in Marblehead and had four children: Madison, Thomas, ? girl, and Jennie. Annie married Michael Doyle and had seven children. John Bryant born in 1825 married Abigail Elizabeth Publicovers who married after his death Emmanuel “Manuel” Rogers. George married Nancy H Cleaves and had six children. Mary Jane married four times, Martin Parker, Frederick Marchant, and I still looking for the other two names; no children. Joseph F Rogers married Margaret Josephine Mullen; no children.

            John Rogers’s (1793-1876) brother William married Temperance Carter and they had a son William Jr Rogers in 1836 Nova Scotia who married Jan Cogill in Gloucester, 1857.

            I appreciate your help and quick response,


          • Jill
            December 3, 2013

            Becky can you email me please thanks jms @ top2bottom. net

  4. Carol Rodgers
    February 8, 2011

    My family starts with Joseph Rogers(Rodgers), Sr., to Joseph Rodgers, Jr. to Needham E. Rodgers to Hugh Rodgers and on down. I get stopped at Joseph Sr. going up the ladder. Who might be his parents? I have been looking, I found a Richard Rogers b. about 1701 in Surrey, England, whose parents are Edward Rogers and Ann Unknown. But looking at family names, could my Needham Edward Rogers be the ggrandson of this Edward Rogers? Anyone have any thoughts? Also does any one have any info on this Hugh Rogers? Thank You, Carol Rodgers/Rogers

    • Barbara Rodgers
      February 13, 2011

      Carol, I wish knew! The information I have so far on Joseph Sr. is so sketchy. I’ve lost touch with Mary Therese (Marshall) Bates, who gave me most of the information I have, and I’m not sure of her sources. But Joseph’s sons seem to have fought on the Loyalist side of the American Revolution, in a Scottish regiment. After the war they were given land in Nova Scotia. All these Scottish connections make me think that perhaps Jospeh’s parents orignated in Scotland. It’s a hunch I have not been able to investigate yet. Rogers/Rodgers is such a common name it makes it difficult to be certain who is who. But it sure would be nice to make that “leap across the pond” some day!

      • Carol Rodgers
        February 21, 2011

        Of which family are you from? I have the info on the Loyalists fight of Disbanded Officers and Soldiers of the late SC Royalists, NC Rangers and NC Volunteers. Accourding to my Aunt and some of her research done, last being was 1889 (and mine from about 1999 to present ) We are of Scottish decent. This is what she has (she was a teacher and went from California, to Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Tenn., NC and Virginia to research): “The sixth century was an important one in the history of both Ireland and Scotland, for during this period the Irish gained a foothold on the Western shores of Scotland. In 503 A.D., Fergus MacErc founded the kingdom of Dalriada in the area now known as Argyllshire. It is generally believed that even before this time there were many Irish settlements in the Scottish Islands. These Irish people were descendants of the Ancient Milesians from Gaul who had colonized Ireland many centuries before the Christian Era. They claimed as a common ancestor Conn of the Hundred Battles, High King of Ireland, about the year 125 A.D. From these Irish adventurers, tradition insists, sprang the great Scottish clan MacDonald. During the 13th century some families of this great clan returned to Ireland, possibly as mercenary soldiers. At that time, it was customary for the Irish Chiefs to hire Scottish fighting men whose arms and discipline were more effective than the native troops in combating the encroaching English. These members of the clan MacDonald took the name McRory from their leader Rory and Ruaron and eventually established themselves in Down and Antrim. Although McRory is still found, the anglicized version of the name RODGERS or RODGER is more usual. Seldom is the name spelled ROGERS which is English in origin.”

        I myself found on the Archives of Family History, Surname Search, that the Rodgers surname was of Scottish, Northern Irish and Northern English desent.

        Going back to the Richard Rogers christened on June 23, 1701 in Surrey, England, where they were living at the time, whose fathers name was Edward Rogers and Mother, Anne Unknown, that is listed on familysearch.org/s/recordDetails/, could possibably be from Scotland (changed the names spelling to Rogers in England) and came to England to catch a ship to America, and once in America have moved from where ever they landed and had more children, and on into the Carolinas (before north and south) and there had more children? And if this Richard was the first of many children and he was christened in 1701, that, with a guess might have put Edward being born about in the 1681’s. Maybe I’ll do a little more searching to see if this might be a dead end. Which brings me to another question …. On some of the research on Joseph Rodgers, Sr., some searchers have put his birth in Massachusetts, and some say North Carolina, and some in Nova Scotia, which is correct?

        The child of Needham Edward Rodgers/Rogers and Sarah Winslow Cook, by the name of Hugh Rodgers, does any one know of the birth date and place in North Carolina? As this is my line and have done a lot of research on Hugh on down, I have October 30, 1822, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Can anyone confirm this info?

        Does anyone know where Joseph Rodgers, Jr. was born? Joseph Rodgers, Jr., married to Abigail, was her maiden name Wheeler, as I have read on other sites? Was her linage going back to the Mayflower as I have seen on other sites?

        Hope I’m not driving you crazy? Thank you for your help. Carol Rodgers

        • Barbara Rodgers
          February 21, 2011

          Not driving me crazy, Carol, but overwhelmed and fascinated! :)

          Tim (my husband) is descended from Joseph Sr.’s son, Corp. Eli Rogers. If you click on his link above it will take you to his data, which is quite sketchy.

          Do the other sites you mention cite sources for their dates and places?

          This site indicates that there was no Wheeler on the Mayflower passenger list, but that John Alden had Wheelers in the first three generations of his descendants.


          You might want to borrow this book and see if you can find Abigail included…
          “Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Volume 16, Part 1, John Alden”

          Thanks so much for posting your aunt’s research here! So my Scottish origin theory has even more evidence pointing to it! :)

        • Jill
          August 22, 2013

          Joseph Rogers wife Abigail. Jost’s GUYSBOROUGH SKETCHES and ESSAYS refers to her as Abigail. However, her name appears on land transactions as Hannah

        • Tina Rogers Beller
          August 28, 2013

          CAROL and Barbara,

          The DNA on the line of NEEDHAM EDWARD ROGERS ( son of Joseph Jr. and wife Abigail Wheeler ) line had DNA sample given by his descendant RANDY ROGERS who is a DNA MATCH to our large ROGERS Group . We know from our extensive Y-DNA and Haplogroup and SNP Testing projects results that we are the ANCIENT SCOTS.

          I cannot verify that JOSEPH ROGERS and ABIGAIL WHEELER were ever in Mecklenburg Co. NC and so far the ROGERS who have DNA tested out of Meclkenburg Co. NC ROGERS ( many different ROGERS lines are in that county ) ARE NOT OUR ROGERS DNA MATCHES. So far the only ROGERS DNA tested in Mecklenburg Co. NC show their paper trails out of the PA ROGERS who arrived in Mecklenburg Co. NC after our ROGERS had already arrived in Anson and Montgomery Co. NC in 1774. We know the Cabarrus Co. NC ROGERS are yet another group who are UNTESTED in DNA and may also have married into the Mecklenburg Co. NC ROGERS lines who are not our DNA MATCHES. That doesn’t mean however, that the ROGERS in Cabarrus Co. NC are not our ROGERS families, but until they are DNA tested we won’t know which ROGERS groups they would match. The first of the CABARRUS Co. NC ROGERS was said to be a JOHN ROGERS ULSTER SCOT who settled in 1732 along Back Creek at junction of Rocky River in what is today Cabarrus Co. NC. His son was JOSEPH ROGERS who supposedly married ISABELLA WHITE and some of their children migrated into TN later on.

          Many in our ROGERS DNA group have verified paper trails back to the JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 England/ Wales who had arrived on ship “George” in 1635 to Colonial VA. This is thought to be same JOHN ROGERS who later is a Burgess in 1645 JAMESTOWN VA. By 1666 JOHN ROGERS acquired his Land Grant in Surry Co. VA for transfer of 4 persons to him then. His descendants within his ROGERS family are in Surry, Sussex Co.’s VA and Isle of Wight Co. VA into Northampton Co. NC and elsewhere in NC, SC, GA and throughout the South.

          WE CANNOT PLACE your JOSEPH “the LOYALIST” within this line yet and need help understanding more about him. Thus we need males who are said to be a direct male line out of JOSEPH “The LOYALIST” ROGERS to do DNA TESTING at FAMILY TREE DNA company where we then can compare those Y-DNA results to our own ROGERS DNA group. We have extensive DNA info and SNP testing info and will be happy to share it with those who also do the Y-DNA testing on this JOSEPH “The LOYALIST ” ROGERS male line.


          Tina Rogers Beller

  5. Jill
    August 14, 2013

    I start off with my 6th great grandparents–Margaret Elizabeth Alden and John Alexander. I am trying to get more info on the Alden line.
    A Rogers cousin has her father listed as John Alden
    Online tree on myheritage has her born Aug 3, 1730 in Boston Massachusetts and died Oct 21, 1783 in Hopkinton Massachusetts, That would make her 10 years old having Ferreby.
    Also has her parents as Nathaniel Alden b July 6, 1700 and d. 1740 and Mary Smith b. 1696 d 1765 both b & d in Boston Suffolk Massachusetts.

    • Jill
      August 22, 2013

      I have found out from Mayflower society that Nathaniel and Mary had a daughter Elizabeth who married Anthony Jones. So unless our our Margaret Elizabeth was married twice then it is not likely her.

      Anyone have any ideas?

    • Tina Rogers Beller
      August 22, 2013

      Some researchers of JOSEPH ROGERS/ FERREBY ALEXANDER suggested her parents lived in MECKLENBURG CO. NC. If so, we also know the ALEXANDER’s in that region also had ties to a few allied lines of ours. However, I won’t get into that now as it was difficult to know if the info that JOHN ALEXANDER and MARGARET ALDEN were ever in Mecklenburg Co. NC, and there are many, many ALEXANDER families in that region. However we do know that the name of a NEEDHAM ROGERS is listed on the 1820 Surry Co. NC census, and STOKES Co. NC also had once been part of Surry, if I recall. Apparently the son of NEEDHAM ROGERS named EZEKIEL ROGERS b. 1801 Nova Scotia who md. ELEANOR HINSHAW b. 1799 SURRY Co. NC, later lived in HENRY Co. , INDIANA where some of our best ROGERS Y-DNA matches also lived. Again that is good enough reason right there to do DNA on the line of JOSEPH ROGERS to find out if they are a match to our ROGERS DNA MATCHES in HENRY CO. INDIANA ROGERS families.

      Obvious ties in my family to this JOSEPH ROGERS/ FERREBY ALEXANDER line are through AFRICA ROGERS to her son ELI GEORGE & wife MARY BROWN to their son JOSEPH GILMAN GEORGE & wife SHADY JANE CURTIS to their daughter ADDIE GEORGE & husband JOHN RAY MOODY to their dau. LIVING MOODY who married LIVING HOOVER and their son LIVING HOOVER married one of my distant ROGERS cousins in another allied group than surname of ROGERS. This wife of LIVING HOOVER is a direct line out of my G GRANDUNCLE ELI W. ROGERS of TN.

      It’s difficult to know more on the ALEXANDERS but if someone is out of the direct maternal line of MARGARET ALEXANDER they could at least do the MTDNA full sequence test to find out more on the ALDEN side. As the MTDNA full Sequence test would be a good place to start to unravel if the ALDENS of MASS are same line or not. I am sure there is plenty of DNA on the ALDEN’s of MASS to compare on MTDNA full sequence.

      – Tina

      • Jill
        August 22, 2013

        Unfortunately my mtDNA doesn’t go to Margaret Elizabeth Alden :(

  6. Tina Rogers Beller
    August 21, 2013

    We have a DNA KIT by sample giver RANDY ROGERS who is a Y-DNA MATCH to our ROGERS DNA group. The sample giver RANDY ROGERS listed his line also being out of JOSEPH ROGERS/ FERREBY ALEXANDER to their son JOSEPH ROGERS/ ABIGAIL WHEELER to their son NEEDHAM EDWARD ROGERS and wife SARAH W. COOK to their son DAVID LAFAYETTE ROGERS and wife SARAH ALMAND and to their son HUEY LAFAYETTE ROGERS born in GA. Apparently some in this line in NOVA SCOTIA had migrated back to NC then to GA and RANDY’s ancestors are this line mentioned.

    I am very hopeful that your husband TIMOTHY ROGERS will do the same Y-DNA test at FAMILY TREE DNA so we can all compare his Y-DNA MARKERS to ours. Some in our ROGERS DNA group are verified back to the JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 England/ Wales who arrived to Colonial Virginia in 1635 aboard the ship ” George ” with his possible brother THOMAS ROGERS. We know nothing more really about THOMAS ROGERS but JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 is thought to be the same JOHN ROGERS who was a BURGESS in JAMESTOWN VA in 1645. By 1666, JOHN ROGERS had a land grant for 200 acres of Land in SURRY Co. VA across the James River from JAMESTOWN VA for transfer of 4 persons to him ( called Headrights ) who can be those they sponsored from England and sometimes if they had paid for the passage of their wives themselves, the wife was also listed as a headright as you gained 50 acres of land per headright ( or transferred person to you ). These are called indenture servants who worked off their paid passage to America on average of about 7 years. By the time they had worked off the price of their passage to America, they usually gained enough tobacco to buy their own land then and the system was geared to fill up Virginia with English as fast as they could using the headright system.

    Many of us have now verified our ROGERS lines in Surry and Sussex Co. VA and from there they migrated into NC, SC, GA and elsewhere.

    I am looking forward to hearing back from you and Timothy Rogers and we are very hopeful he will consider doing at least a 37 Y-DNA Test at Family Tree or more markers would be great ( 67 or 111 ) so we can compare his markers to ours at Family Tree DNA company. They run sales occasionally and you can google their site and read about their Y-DNA testing.

    Tina Rogers Beller

    • Jill
      August 22, 2013

      Would be nice if they did FamilyTreeDNA’s Family Finder as well. I have connected with a couple of McGuire’s this way…they tie into this family as well.

      • Tina Rogers Beller
        August 22, 2013

        Many in our DNA ROGERS group in US have FFDNA tested, MTDNA tested as well as upgraded from their original 12 – 37 DNA test to the 67 Y-DNA test and also they have done the haplogroup testing as well since our ROGERS DNA GROUP show as ANCIENT SCOTS on the basic R-L21 haplogroup test. As you probably know they have now refined the newer type of Haplogroup tests to include back to time before Surnames were used. Some of our ROGERS DNA group did those tests as well and also upgraded to the full 111 Y-DNA test too. We now know most of our ROGERS DNA group fall out of the same basic ROGERS tree but in various sons lines of JOHN ROGERS of Surry Co. VA and perhaps there is more to the story as other ROGERS groups in other regions may show up eventually. At present most of our ROGERS DNA matches are with those in VA/ NC/ SC/ GA/ AL/ MS/ TX/ OK/ AR/ KS/ CA but we feel there may be others who haven’t yet tested who also may be of our basic JOHN ROGERS lines or his ancestors still in England perhaps ?

        Since JOSEPH ” The Loyalist ” ROGERS was also in NC before he left for NOVA SCOTIA and since some of his children came back to NC we know some of my own family have ties to them already. I have a distant ROGERS cousin in my line of ROGERS in TN whose husband is also out of the line of AFRICA ROGERS and husband WILLIAM GEORGE. As you probably know AFRICA ROGERS was the daughter of JOSEPH ROGERS and FERREBY ALEXANDER. We are in hopes others in this line of JOSEPH ROGERS/ FERREBY ALEXANDER will do DNA testing and FFDNA TESTING to prove more on this line as it becomes difficult to fully verify the children who came back to NC from NOVA SCOTIA when they were in NC and before migrating out of NC into other states. Their siblings who stayed in NOVA SCOTIA would have many descendants in NOVA SCOTIA and I have one FFDNA MATCH who lives in HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA and also has a ROGERS line I think may be of this same JOSEPH ROGERS / FERREBY ALEXANDER line but he has not researched far enough back to connect to the children of JOSEPH ROGERS / FERREBY ALEXANDER. Since so many clues are that we have a tie to this line of JOSEPH ROGERS/ FERREBY ALEXANDER we really need TIMOTHY RODGERS or one of his male RODGERS cousins who are a direct line of JOSEPH ROGERS to do the DNA testing and see if the CANADIAN side of this family also match our RANDY ROGERS whose research shows he is in that line. He had worked with some of the CANADIAN RESEARCHERS of this group but after Randy did his DNA test he did not stay in contact with our ROGERS DNA group. It’s unfortunate as we just learned one of the family members of this NOVA SCOTIA group later on is in INDIANA county where our other ROGERS DNA Members were from as well. Randy’s line went from NC to GA however, but as you may know WILLIAM GEORGE left NC and was in Lincoln Co. TN when he died and we know the other group of Randy’s were in GA and the other group was in INDIANA. Only Randy has done the Y-DNA test on this line and we really need others of this line of JOSEPH “The LOYALIST ” ROGERS to also do the same Y-DNA test at Family Tree to compare with the data we have on their DNA already per RANDY’s test results.

        Thanks for any help with this. – Tina

        • trod1952
          September 7, 2013

          Barbara showed me this thread and I am looking into the DNA testing. Would it also be helpful to have my Aunt, whose maiden name is Rodgers, tested as well?
          Timothy Rodgers

  7. George L. Pauley
    September 6, 2013

    Hi Barbara,
    I am not a relative, that I know of, but maybe this sentence from above will clarify things. “In 1790 they probably bought 250 acres from a Henry Johns, but this was not recorded.” Henry Johns is my 4th gr-grandfather. Henry, his wife Charity and son George were all aboard the transport ‘Argo’ with the East Florida Refugees and the Duke of Cumberlands Regiment. Henry was a loyalist, but if you should happen to come across the Johns Association website, you will see that they have him listed as a great American patriot that fought under Washington, etc.,. Not true. According to the records in Nova Scotia, Henry did give up his land there. It doesn’t say if they were just forfieted or sold and I haven’t been able to find out. He did return to the U.S., probably around 1790, and died in Union Township, Boone county, Indiana, 26 March 1833. If you ever come across any paper trail which mentions Henry Johns, I would sure love to hear back from you.

    It was really interesting to come across a non-family members website and see one of my ancestors mentioned. You have a very nice website.


    • Barbara Rodgers
      October 3, 2013

      Thank you, George! I hope to look into all this again some day soon…

      • Janet
        November 1, 2013

        Hi Barbara,
        Henry Johns was my 5th g-grandfather. I’m always interested in finding more about his fellow passengers on the ‘Argo’ to Nova Scotia to see if there is a family connection. I came across a list of Georgia refugees to E. Florida (“A Return of Refugees, with their Negroes, who came to the Province of East Florida in consequence of the evacuation of the Province of Georgia,” PRO, CO/5, 560, 805, Library of Congress transcripts, July 1782) that included ‘Joseph Rogers and Junr.’ and ‘John Rogers’. Since there were other ‘Argo’ names on the list, I think this must be the Joseph Rogers discussed on this thread. His family must have been in Georgia for a time before leaving E. Fla for Nova Scotia. Thought this might be of use to other researchers.


        • Barbara Rodgers
          November 4, 2013

          Thank you so much, Janet, for adding your information and thoughts here. I will get back to this thread sometime in the future when I can concentrate – for now all my brain power is going towards settling my father’s estate and looking after the needs of Tim’s dying brother. Looking forward to discussing all these connections in the near future…

  8. trod1952
    September 7, 2013

    Barbara showed me this thread and I am looking into the DNA testing. Would it also be helpful to have my Aunt, whose maiden name is Rodgers, tested as well?
    Timothy Rodgers

    • Tina Rogers Beller
      September 7, 2013


      THANKS for replying as I have watched your line now for years and since we have a great deal of ROGERS Data on your lines but still have no idea how your JOSEPH ROGERS connects to our ROGERS DNA GROUP who seem to be out of JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 England/ Wales and died in VA after 1685 we need your DNA to prove your line is a ROGERS DNA match to us all. This is a very large group of ROGERS DNA MATCHES and if you match us you can then use our data to determine more perhaps on your JOSEPH ‘The Loyalist’ ROGERS.

      TIMOTHY you can do the Male Y-DNA on male chromosomes, of your direct male line of JOSEPH ROGERS as you are a DIRECT MALE DESCENDANT of his. However, your AUNT is a female and she cannot do the Y-DNA on ROGERS or any other name as FEMALES can only do MTDNA on their maternal lines, and their FFDNA on maternal and paternal lines. So I would like to see you do Y-DNA TEST of at least 67 DNA MARKERS at FAMILY TREE DNA COMPANY where we can compare your results to our ROGERS DNA group whom have mostly tested at FAMILY TREE DNA company. I would like to see your aunt do the FFDNA test at FAMILY TREE on her maternal and paternal lines ( which is now on sale for $99, I believe ) . Your 67 Y-DNA test is needed to determine just how close a match you are to some of us who have also done the 67 DNA markers. Some have recently upgraded to the full 111 marker Y-DNA test for males but at this point I would do the 67 DNA test and if you want to upgrade to 111 Test later you can.

      Some in our group upgraded to the full 111 Y-DNA test due to their extensive Ancient Celt SNP haplogroup testing projects. That would give you precise info on ANCIENT CELTS in SCOTLAND that would be needed as the 67 is not enough to compare to the most ancient of SCOTS lines and be precise on which of the SCOTS are your closest matches. However, 67 Y-DNA at FAMILY TREE DNA Company is all you would need to do at this time and you can always upgrade to the 111 at any point and then decide if you also want to SNP TEST and compare the results to our ROGERS DNA GROUP ( who are the ANCIENT CELTS of SCOTLAND ). Those of our ROGERS DNA group who have done the SNP testing then join the Ancient Celtic projects and by joining the Projects for Ancient Celts they will keep track of who matches you closest in these ANCIENT SCOTTISH lines. It is above my head but we have some in our ROGERS DNA group who have done extensive SNP Testing so they can be of help to you if you decide to SNP test. Since my nephew Paul Rogers had done the haplogroup test first when he did his Y-DNA 67 DNA Marker test, I upgraded his initial first haplogroup test to the newer type of R-L21 SNP Test for ANCIENT CELTS, which proved prositive that we are the ANCIENT CELTS. Some of the rest o four ROGERS DNA also then started doing further SNP Testing and we have those results now back to the time before SURNAMES were used in Scotland and etc.

      So, at present go on FAMILY TREE DNA company site and look for their 67 Y-DNA test ( for males only ) and if it isn’t on sale wait for their sale as it will save a bit of money for you. Usually by late fall or at least before Christmas they run the sale on the Y-DNA and FFDNA tests. Right now the FFDNA test is on sale though so you may want to do that right now and do the Y-DNA when it goes on sale. E-mail me at my addy below if you have more questions as I have long awaited hearing from you and am happy that you are open to doing DNA testing.

      We have a real mystery with your line and why they were LOYALISTS and ours weren’t. However, my ROGERS never served in the REV. WAR that I can find but I have now been able to research them enough to estimate they are out of JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 Eng;/ Wales who died in VA and lived in Surry Co. VA and were out of his son WILLIAM ROGERS b. 1657 Surry Co. VA d. 1727 Surry Co. VA and his 3rd wife ELIZABETH CARTWRIGHT also of Surry Co. VA is mom to BENJAMIN ROGERS b. 1687 Surry Co. VA who d. 1744 Surry Co. VA and whom I believe now to be my 6th G. Grandfather. My nephew’s Y-DNA 67 DNA MARKERS are a close 64/67 DNA MATCH to those verified being out of JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 England/ Wales who d. after 1685 VA so we knew we are of this line regardless of being able to prove fully that we are out of BENJAMIN ROGERS d. 1744 Surry Co. VA the grandson of JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 Wales/ England.

      Problem is BENJAMIN ROGERS died in 1744 SURRY CO. VA and left 4 sons ( WILLIAM, JAMES, SAMUEL, and ROBERT ) and BENJAMIN ROGERS left no will, but his admrs. of his estate are BENJAMIN ELLIS and his son -in law JOHN ANDRUS and they are also in my allied groups of family members. In fact, most of my ROGERS allied lines were also in SURRY CO. VA at same time. So while not fully verified we have made the assumption this is my line based on the Y-DNA matches, the verified files of allied groups and cousins, and the fact these SURRY Co. VA families migrated into NC with each other. BENJAMIN ROGERS neice had married JOHN ANDRUS who announced the death of BENJAMIN ROGERS in May 1744 to those in the ALBEMARLE PARISH of SURRY CO. VA and BENJAMIN ELLIS had a petition of names of the sons of BENJAMIN ROGERS decd. May 28, 1744. So we are able to verify as much as we can using COLONIAL VA records published on BENJAMIN ROGERS and his sons, and I believe they are my direct line and they are my Y-DNA MATCHES to my Nephew PAUL ROGERS. I also verified the NC Colonial Records as they came into NC from SURRY CO. VA and that too showed me the migrations of my allied lines within my ROGERS family who ended up in Anson/ Montgomery Co. NC. We then see a JOSEPH ROGERS ( listed as LOYALIST on the ANSON CO. NC records, but I don’t know if he is your JOSEPH ROGERS the Loyalist or not ).

      After my nephew Paul did the Y-DNA 67 test, he also had his haplogroup test results showing we might be ANCIENT SCOTS. So I then upgraded his initial first haplogroup test to the newer SNP Test R-L21 then. We found our ROGERS were positive on the R-L21 SNP test and are the ANCIENT CELTS and the rest of my Y-DNA ROGERS MATCHES also did further SNP TESTING. The newer type of SNP Testing are more specific info on the SCOTS they match. Interesting is this SNP takes you back before SURNAMES were used. Our ROGERS are SCOTTISH, but somewhere along the line their Scottish name changed to ROGERS. They are all ROGERS but had been a CLAN name of course and we believe they are the MacRORIES of SCOTLAND but cannot totally prove it. We know the history of the McROY SCOTS are they changed their name to ROGERS and were the mercenaries who left Scotland for IRELAND and changed their name from McROY to ROGERS. We just can’t totally prove our ROGERS were the McRORIES but we believe they were. This takes you back to the times of ANCIENT SCOTS on SNP Testing and the info they learned from SNP Testing is still being analyzed by some of our ROGERS DNA group members.

      Let me know how I can be of help to you in doing your Y-DNA testing on the 67 DNA MARKERS as that is what we need to see on you is the 67 DNA markers at least to be sure how close a match you are to those who have done the SNP testing at the 111 markers levels. We can tell from your 66 DNA MARKER TEST results probably which of our ROGERS DNA group members who have done SNP Testing where you would fall in this group then. WE NEED TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOU DURING THIS PROCESS of DNA TESTING and RESULTS and will be happy to help you with advice we’ve learned over the years of doing DNA testing.

      FAMILY TREE DNA site is where you need to check for the TESTS and they have a very good Q & A page to answer most any question you have and they are very helpful if you want to write the ROGERS DNA project manager and they will give you the answer to your questions or point you in the right direction for the answer. We use FTDNA Co. as they have the largest DATA BANK and the best evaluations of the DNA MARKERS by top scientists in their fields, we believe.

      – Tina Rogers Beller

    • Tina Rogers Beller
      September 7, 2013

      To be sure you have the right url site for the Y-DNA 67 TEST at Family Tree DNA company here is their url


      I would like to see TIMOTHY RODGERS do the Y-DNA 67 Male chromosome test.

      It would also be nice to see Timothy or his aunt do the FFDNA test as well which is on both the maternal and paternal lines back to your 6th cousins and remote remotes cousins taking in all your Grandparents on both maternal and paternal sides back to the 5th or 6th Gen. We use FFDNA to find our many cousins especially the females as they cannot do the male chromosome Y-DNA test.

      Currently these DNA kits are on sale and I see they also have the FULL 67 DNA test plus the FFDNA combination kits on sale too so that is all you would need to do TIMOTHY to also have the Y-DNA 67 and the FFDNA test too. Here is that info and you can also opt to just do the Y-DNA 67 DNA test and later do the FFDNA test but right now both are on sale as a combination test kit :

      Family Finder + Y-DNA67
      Order Now Reduced Price $367.00 For males only. Use the power of the 67-marker Y-DNA test to find matches in your direct paternal line, and other males with whom you share a common male ancestor in the genealogical time frame. Also included the Family Finder test to help you find family across all your lines up to 6 generations back. The Y-DNA37 test matches your results against others in the Y-DNA database, while the Family Finder matches your results against those that are part of the Family Finder database. The customer will be able to download and print a personalized certificate and report.


    • Jill
      September 7, 2013


      I suggest you do 2 tests through Family Tree DNA http://www.familytreedna.com
      111 yDNA and the Family Finder. They have a combo package sale right now
      Family Finder + Y-DNA67 Reduced Price $367.00

      Otherwise- The family finder is on sale at the moment for $99. 111 yDNA is $359.00 (67 YDNA is $268.00)

      I wouldn’t do anything lower than 67 as I feel it’s a waste of money.

      As for your aunt she would test mtDNA which wouldn’t match you. BUT if she did the Family Finder she should match you.

      Let me know if you need any further help. You can read about DNA on my website http://www.jillsgenealogy.com/distribution/viewforum.php?f=21

  9. trod1952
    September 9, 2013

    Thank you all, very good information. One question comes to mind concerning upgrading later. What is the cost difference to between doing one test, then upgrading, compared to doing the m ore expensive one first?

    • Jill
      September 9, 2013

      The prices ALWAYS seem to go up. So I try to do what I can afford and then if I see the need up them later. I did that with my mtDNA. I did the 1&2 and later upped to MEGA….but when you go to up…watch for their SALES!

      For men they need to do at least the 67 Marker but if you can afford it do the 111.

      I would say start with this one that is on sale: Family Finder + Y-DNA67 Reduced Price $367.00

  10. Tina Rogers Beller
    September 10, 2013


    My recommendation is to do the 111 Y-DNA test so you have all the markers we have done in our ROGERS/ RODGERS DNA group who also have done SNP Testing too. You don’t have to do the SNP tests at this time and you may decide to do those later and see how close a SNP match you have with others in our group who have done SNP testing.

    FFDNA autosomal DNA can be elusive and if you connected to our ROGERS / RODGERS DNA group back at about the 8th or 9th generation ( which is the case with many in our ROGERS/ RODGERS DNA GROUP ) the FFDNA matches will not show us as your FFDNA MATCHES as the cut off is at about the 5th – 6th cousin level. We were very disappointed our FFDNA MATCHES didn’t include our ROGERS / RODGERS DNA group though some are my matches they are distant. That is because of how far back our ROGERS line connected. The FFDNA TEST can be done later and I suggest you do the full 111 Y-DNA test now to see just how many markers you have to those of our group who have done the full 111 marker test. This will give you the info you need on your ROGERS/ RODGERS and then you decide what to do from that point on as you see your MARKER MATCHES.

    OUR ROGERS/ RODGERS DNA group try to help all newcomers to our DNA MATCHES so let us know when you do the test and we’ll be watching for your 111 Y-DNA test results and follow your matches to us at that point. Then if you want to upgrade to other tests we can tell you what we have learned from those specific SNP tests or other FFDNA or MTDNA tests to help you decide what you want to do at that point.

    Let us hear from you and keep my e-mail handy and I can put you in touch with our other ROGERS/ RODGERS DNA group members.


    Tina Rogers Beller

    • trod1952
      September 22, 2013


      It will be a few months before I can consider having the 111 Y-DNA done, so perhaps by Christmas.


    • Jill
      September 27, 2013

      Apparently Randy Rogers does not match the known Rogers on the Rogers DNA site. Hopefully Timothy getting tested will resolve this once and for all.

      From Curtis Rogers to me regarding Randy’s matching: “Bottom line, your cousin does not match any other Rogers/Rodgers, or person in our Y-DNA database if you define “Match” as having a common ancestor within a distance that can be found with a paper trail.

      Furthermore, even a perfect genetic match is the first 12 markers is considered relatively meaningless. Your cousin does not even have a perfect match on the first 12 markers.
      This is not to say that a match might not be found tomorrow. Keep looking.”

      He goes on to suggest doing Family Finder test to see if any cousin’s pop up on GedMatch. I have test and I am on GedMatch and so far I am not finding any Rogers cousins.

      • Tina Rogers Beller
        September 28, 2013


        FAMILY FINDER only tests back about to the 5th to 6th cousin level on all sides of your Maternal and Paternal lines. When our ROGERS DNA GROUP had few FFDNA MATCHES to the rest of our ROGERS DNA Group we were told it was possibly because our links to each others ROGERS lines were back before that cut off where FFDNA Tests are estimated. We now know per some of our VERIFIED PAPER TRAILS that most of us connected back at about the 8-th – 9th Gen. if not further back for some, so FFDNA will not pick up those distant ROGERS matches where we all connected. That is why I suggested TIM do the Y-DNA test first and he can choose to do the 25, 37, 67 or 111 DNA tests but in order to know all he can on his ROGERS DNA MARKERS and if he wanted to do SNP testing later on, the 111 would give him all that info.

        Many of our ROGERS DNA group started out with the 12 marker Y-DNA test which will not tell you what you need to know, that is true. Then they upgraded to the 25 marker then the 37 markers and some now have upgraded to the 67 DNA marker test. I usually suggest to males doing Y-DNA testing to at least do the 37 Y-DNA test and then upgrade to the 67 Y-DNA test when they can afford to do so. However, Randy, has a good chance of not matching others or matching us, so that is why I suggested he do the full 111 marker test in the beginning but he can actually do the 37 and upgrade to 67 then to 111 if he wants to do so. IT IS TOTALLY UP TO HIM in regards to how many DNA markers he tests on.

        In the beginning RANDY matched our FRAN SHAW and you can see their Y-DNA MATCHES to her male cousin on Y-SEARCH as well as the ROGERS Y-DNA site. We keep an XL SPREAD SHEET of all our ROGERS DNA matches, but RANDY had never participated past the time he submitted his Genealogy info to me and then Mary Bates wrote to me giving me more specifics which corroborated what Randy had sent me.

        – Tina

        • Jill
          September 28, 2013

          Family Finder should be done as well as yDNA for males or mtDNA for females.

          I personally have done both FF and mtDNA Full and had a cousin do yDNA and FF.
          FYI-We both share McGuire and Rogers from our maternal side and we both matched a McGuire 2nd cousin.

          If Tim (my 6th cousin) did FF and he match us (Joseph Rogers is my 5th great grandfather) as well then we would know our Rogers line at least to Joseph Rogers is correct. If he does the 67 or 111 yDNA and also matches folks in the Rogers project as you suspect then we have a better picture and then work to prove via documents to VA Rogers or England Rogers.

          For genealogists, it is best to use Family Finder to prove recent relationships (1 to 5 generations). However, after testing, you may discover distant cousins. People are finding 8 and 9 generations back.

          • Tina Rogers Beller
            September 28, 2013


            Most of our ROGERS DNA group have done not only Y-DNA testing but FFDNA testing and MTDNA testing along with SNP Testing. However, we are not finding that our ROGERS DNA group are shown as FFDNA MATCHES to each other due to how far back we connect. Yes, I have many confirmed FFDNA MATCHES now due to my FFDNA test but most are in my JULIAN and allied groups not my ROGERS. Only one ROGERS DNA group member shows up as a FFDNA MATCH to me and we think that is due to another allied line not the ROGERS.

            Same is true for most of our RODGERS / ROGERS DNA group as we were astonished we didn’t have more FFDNA MATCHES between us all and the scientist told us that it could be because the connections are just too far back to be picked up by FFDNA testing.

            AGAIN that is why I suggested to TIM in order to find out if he matches our ROGERS to do Y-DNA testing first and then he can do FFDNA anytime he wants. Frankly, I don’t have a clue to your lines and have no plans of keeping up with them as we have our hands full with our ROGERS DNA matches and our own individual FFDNA MATCHES and most of us also help our friends with their FFDNA and MTDNA matches as well.

            I only came on this site to suggest to Tim to do Y-DNA and if he wants to do FFDNA for you and your matches that is fine by me.

            Good luck you all,


          • Jill
            September 28, 2013


            ” Frankly, I don’t have a clue to your lines and have no plans of keeping up with them as we have our hands full with our ROGERS DNA matches”

            I gave you my Rogers line in August. We had many exchanges and yes you told me you would be busy and not able to help. I told you that’s fine.

            Yes having Tim do FF is something I wish he’d do along with the 67 or 11 yDNA….I have my reasoning and you have your’s, so let’s just drop it there.

            “I only came on this site to suggest to Tim to do Y-DNA and if he wants to do FFDNA for you and your matches that is fine by me.”

            I think at this point it’s the cost of things for Tim to do the testing and it is his choice what to do, not either one of us. We have both given your input, now it’s time to wait and see.

      • Tina Rogers Beller
        September 28, 2013


        RANDY F. ROGERS did the 37 Y-DNA test and he and my closest Y-DNA MATCHES in 67 DNA levels are well within the considered MATCHED DNA group at matching 34 out of 37 DNA MARKERS at the 37 DNA TEST, and Randy F. Rogers would have to upgrade to the 67 DNA test to see if his markers held at that level.

        When we compared Randy to our other closest 67 DNA MATCHES of no more than 3 markers different at the 67 DNA level but compared only the 37 markers RANDY is a 34/37 DNA MATCHES to my Best Y-DNA MATCHES as well as to my nephew Paul L. Rogers.

        Some of my best Y-DNA matches have a difference in markers and one had a difference also in the first 12 markers, but we consider her line is out of same ROGERS DNA group of RANDOLPH Co. NC who I believe are the SURRY/ SUSSEX Co. VA ROGERS group proved by Wills, deeds, and other Col. VA Records in SUSSEX Co. VA. Sometimes one line mutates more than others and you look at the faster moving markers which mutate often perhaps and then look at the slower moving markers which mutate less often to know how significant a marker mutation is to your Match.

        There are many reasons for mutations and some scientist now believe that it is possible in the future they will find that a mothers age at birth of a child, her overall health issues at the time or the father’s age at conception of the child along with his health at time of the conception may play a part in the mutations the child is born with. So we count anything such as a 34/37 DNA MATCH one of our ROGERS lines.

        – Tina

  11. Barbara Rodgers
    October 3, 2013

    Phew! My head is spinning!

    All of the above does interest me greatly, but I hope you will all forgive me if I don’t get back to you any time soon. My father died a couple of weeks ago and I was busy tending to him in the hospital and at home for a few months prior. He had been declining for several years and I haven’t had much energy left for family history. Now we have a memorial service and probate to go through, and we also have Tim’s half-brother living with us now, and he is dying of cancer. Please be patient with us and we will respond to all your comments as soon as we can focus again. Thank you so much.

  12. Jill
    December 2, 2013

    With Christmas approaching I thought I would let folks know about my family history ebook

    Jill and her ancestors-maternal side
    For those interested in family history. eBook on cd.

    Descendants of John Henry Williams Descendants of Michel-Michael Gilbert
    Descendants of Peter Boltz Descendants of George Gilbert
    Descendants of Wendel Bender Descendants of John Roberts
    Descendants of James Garren Descendants of George Spengler
    Descendants of James Stewart
    Descendants of Cymbeline (Includes Edmund Lewis line)
    Descendants of Ann (?) Willson Descendants of Jans Van Geison
    Descendants of William Wright Descendants of John Kenedy
    Descendants of Alexander McKay Descendants of Patrick McGuire
    Descendants of Joseph Rogers Descendants of Madison Hunt
    Descendants of John Alexander

    And more! Photos, documents, etc.
    2013 pricing for family:
    $20 (Included shipping in the lower 48 states)
    Payment methods: PayPal or money order
    Contact Jill
    jms@top2bottom.net for further information

  13. Jill
    July 14, 2014

    FYI ONLY-Go to AncestryDNA.com – enter coupon code SOCIALDNA for big savings on their autosomal DNA kit. $49

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